Electricity and Natural Gas Consulting

Eagle Energy services are designed to ensure that the customer minimizes energy expenditures and maintain reliable service. Our work is tailored for the individual customer needs. Our foremost goal is to help our customers achieve the most reliable and cost-effective energy program possible. We guarantee satisfaction with our service or we will waive our fees.

Our portfolio of services include:

Alternative Supply.

Review existing energy load characteristics.
Evaluate alternative supply strategies.
Secure alternative supply sources.

Rate Review.

Review existing load profile.
Evaluate existing billing characteristics.
Determine current bill accuracy.
Identify potential lower alternative rates.

Economic Analysis.

Evaluate current operational cost.
Determine cost of existing energy management.
Analyze energy cost of alternative operational mode.

Negotiate Special Energy Rate Contracts.

Identify value of operation to local utility.
Analyze existing rate cost versus negotiated special contract.
Conduct negotiations with local utility.

Provide Expert Witness Testimony.

Evaluate potential litigation issue.
Determine risk analysis of issue.
Develop expert testimony outline.
Draft testimony for filing with regulatory/judicial agency.

Develop or Monitor Energy Policy.

Evaluate potential impact of new policy/rules.
Develop comments to support position with regulatory agency or legislature.
Monitor legislative initiatives or regulatory rules that may impact energy strategies or cost.

Some of our recent consulting engagements include.

Assisted professional football team lower its stadium's electric expense.
Assisted a major health care provider obtain lower electricity supply reducing expenses by more than $5 million annually.
Assisted a major school district identify electric rate over-charges by a utility in the amount of $0.5 million.
Assisted a state regulatory agency in a financial audit of a gas utility's rate request. The audit reduced the proposed rate increase by $14 million and was accepted by the agency.
Participated and intervened in a rate case and opposed many of the concepts presented by the utility. In rejecting the filing the regulatory agency cited Eagle Energy's concerns more than two dozen times in its 77-page order.