Local government may aggregate electricity or natural gas used by their residents after an election has been held and the majority of votes adopt the aggregation concept. If aggregation is chosen, then the community must develop a plan of operation indicating how the community intends to carryout its aggregation plan. Two public hearings are required which allows the community to provide input about the plan. Once the local government decides that aggregation is a viable alternative that may work for their particular community, then the alternative energy supplier should be selected as well as appropriate terms and conditions. We issue a RFP to various suppliers, negotiate terms and conditions and make a supplier recommendation to the community based on several factors including price, call center operation, financial condition and customer service.

Aggregation permits blocks of energy, either natural gas or electricity, to be purchased in a larger Quantity that provides for diversity of the load and helps reduce a potential supplier's generation, marketing and administrative expenses. The reduced costs are passed on to the individual customer who remains part of the aggregation program. The same reliable service is provided but at a lower cost. Service restoration, billing and customer service remain the responsibility of the local utility.

Eagle Energy suggests that the community adopt an "opt-out" form of aggregation in order to maximize the benefits of aggregation. The opt-out program automatically enrolls all local residents; however, individual residents maintain their right to be excluded from the program. In addition, the local government should select a certified supplier to provide the service and to negotiate the rate and terms and conditions by which the service will be provided. The local government is required to be certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio prior to providing the aggregation service.

Eagle Energy provides all of the administrative requirements of the aggregation program so that the local government can continue to focus on the operation of the community. The services provided by Eagle Energy are at no cost to the community.

Eagle Energy has implemented successful aggregation programs for several communities.

Aggregation Savings To Date $27,787,520

The local economy benefits as well!! The multiplier effect creates $2.50 in the local economy for every $1.00 savings in the local resident's utility expenditure.

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